Our Methods

Synergy. Integration. Personal Involvement. Wisdom.

These core elements of success are the bedrock of our services. We use innovative, collaborative, and integrative approaches to provide the means for effective stewardship built on a foundation of core values:

  • ASSESSMENT & ANALYSIS: comprehensive, in-depth analysis of all aspects of the organization, individually, collectively, internally and externally, through intensive on-site presence, innovative and instructive methods, and personal involvement.

  • PRESCRIPTIVE ACTIONS: determination and prioritization of focus, and the development of visionary outcome-based strategies to create a blueprint for mission effectiveness and values-based stewardship.
  • LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT: personal support and coaching of leadership and team members throughout the service engagement, and during the implementation period to clarify roles, strengthen skills, build team effectiveness and foster critical thinking for long-term outcomes.

  • ITERATION: establishment of processes to continuously monitor, modify and execute strategies to address the ever-changing and ever-challenging landscape.