Our Service Impact

We work with nonprofit organizations, foundations and community service entities to help them achieve, measure and demonstrate greater levels of mission effectiveness and community impact. With an emphasis on stewardship and a focus on excellence and outcome, we help organizations to…

Increase effectiveness of board and governance: Stewardship is the heart and soul of excellence in governance. Starting with mission, vision and values, we help board members to embrace and effectively fulfill their stewardship role to advance & sustain the mission and increase organizational impact. 
Services include: Enhancement of board structure, process and activities; board leadership development; board recruitment; and board training and development. 

Develop leaders and manage leadership transitions: Organizational leadership defines how, and how well, an organization fulfills, strengthens and sustains its mission. Our services focus on establishing and fostering strong, visionary and effective leadership to create an organizational culture of excellence, shared goals and a collective commitment to the advancement of the mission. 
Services include: Development of optimal leadership structure and culture; leadership development, coaching and training; leadership recruitment and onboarding; leadership transition and succession planning.

Explore and implement values-based strategies and new approaches: The alignment of programs and services with mission, vision and values is imperative to both the successful achievement of goals and sustainability of the mission. Using non-traditional approaches and business modeling, we help organizations clarify their mission, vision and values, and find new and innovative ways to strengthen their impact on the community and the people they serve. 
Services include: Discernment of mission, vision and values; assessment of program impact and development of strategies and outcome measures; structuring of collaborative relationships with other organizations and entities; marketing and positioning activities to strengthen relationships and engagement with the community.  

Increase philanthropic outcomes and donor relations: The changing philanthropic landscape is challenging organizations to find new ways to secure philanthropic resources so essential to the life of the mission. We work with governance, leadership, donors and the community to help organizations address these challenges, find new avenues of outreach, strengthen donor relationship and increase the impact of their development efforts. 
Services include:
Philanthropic assessment of focus, activities and outcomes; donor relations & relationship-based development programs; major gift programs and campaigns; board and volunteer training; and recruitment, coaching and training of development professionals.